Journeying to Find Happiness – Why Can’t It Be Smooth Going? Welcome to Charlie Hudson’s Corner Cafe

Welcome and think of this as a corner café, a comfy place where you can dash in for a few minutes if you’re in a hurry, or linger for a while, alone or with friends. Your preference of music plays in the background, and maybe at times we’ll have musicians stop in. Our café can be indoors or out, an urban spot, a small town gathering place, or have water lapping against the foundation.It is what you like to envision in your mind, perhaps from a real place, one you know of, or one you would create if you had the chance. It is a place to chat, to think, to reflect, to share information and ideas, to ask questions that you sometimes wonder if others ever ask.

Like any corner café, this is certainly not the only one to choose from and I hope you will find something here you enjoy that brings you back. Perhaps you will become one of the regulars who gravitate to a favorite table or spot at the bar, or perhaps you will simply add this to the list of pleasant places that you cycle through.

What do we talk about here? Life, love, books, poetry, movies, plays, music that touches us, people that have influenced us – through positive or negative ways – places where we have lived or visited, foods we love, dreams we have created; dreams we have pursued, plan to pursue, or perhaps have even suppressed.

In all of that, we are seeking happiness; something that too often seems either elusive or fleeting when we find it.  Many of my books (to include my mysteries) and short stories touch on the subject of happiness and of choices that we make in our lives. I believe that we live our lives forward, but if we’re being truthful, we also look back, often wondering if we should have, could have, would have done something differently. Hopefully though, we gain understanding from those same things. Please feel free to comment or pose a question.

On the fun and practical side, I will often post recipes or entertaining/travel ideas and invite you to share some of your favorites.


6 thoughts on “Journeying to Find Happiness – Why Can’t It Be Smooth Going? Welcome to Charlie Hudson’s Corner Cafe

  1. Love the name of your blog and so agree with your assessment after reading your about page. It’s the detours and the side roads that offer the most flavor to our lives.

    • Hi Barbara and thanks for stopping in. This time of year, we’ll decide to drape the place in tinsel with springs of holly, and lots of lights.
      Happy Holidays!

    • Welcome to the “Café”. There’s lots in the archives, although some is repetitious. Kick your shoes off, relax with a favorite beverage and enjoy roaming through the old stuff.

  2. Hi Charlie;
    Love working with this type of Literature practice… There’s no place like home, even though visiting France has had an impact on me.
    I’d love you to assess my endeavors as I’m getting to have more to do with transcribing Literature.
    Paola K

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