Louisiana Trip, Day 1…..

Well, the day did have some glitches. They aren’t that important except for the fact I didn’t have the chance to actually eat a meal until dinnertime. There were enough delays so all I could do was grab snacks and still get to the flight on time. I thought that might happen and I was a little careful with what I selected. Anyway, weather was good and when I finally picked up the rental car – a Malibu this time – and got on the road, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to go beyond Natchitoches. If all had been well, I was going to try to make it to Alexandria, the next major town on I-49. It was a little after 6:30 though and the sun was ready to set and I decided not to push it.

This is the weekend of the Classic Car Show and I wasn’t sure if a motel room would be available. There are multiple motels at the I-49 exit and one of my preferred ones did have a room. The IHOP is next door and while that’s hardly the type of place I ordinarily pick for dinner, it was the most practical. Basic Salisbury steak with salad and broccoli to help off-set my less than nutritional fare of the day. It was interesting though to see several people had breakfast foods for their dinners. That’s never been a “thing” for me, but if I had been craving pancakes it would make sense.

Okay, if I can get on to sleep – which is happening in about twenty minutes – I’ll start early tomorrow for the longer drive south to Mandeville. It’s not quite 300 miles and is interstate 90% of the trip.

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