Squeezed A Dive In…….

Taking Monday to dive meant scrambling to get the usual “Monday tasks” done when I returned. On the other hand, since I didn’t manage to get out in November and there are all sorts of extra events in December, I didn’t want to pass up the chance.

Hubby was in the first day of boat dives with the couple he was teaching; he a pilot and she a nurse and they finished yesterday. Conditions for Monday were supposed to be better than they turned out to be because one of those “scattered showers” was more like a squall and came up as we were part way through our second dive. That meant thunder and lightening, wind to make the waves higher and rain plus a bit of a drop in temperature. It had apparently also rained around the dock although it had all stopped by the time we tied up. That made it nice for being able to get off the boat and clean the gear.

Back to the diving part. There was some surge on the first dive which was a little uncomfortable, and nothing really special in the way of creatures. Visibility was pretty good though and enough “regular” fish were swimming about to make it a fun dive. We were also at an area where the Coral Restoration Foundation does planting and it’s always nice to see those sections. The surge was almost non-existent on the second dive and again, nothing “big”. There were lots of angel fish though which are some of my favorites and more of the regulars to see.

Hubby and I were able to have lunch after at Buzzard’s Roost and considering the previous rain, we both had a cup of conch chowder for an appetizer and noticed lots of cups/bowls being served to others. Both the indoor room and the screened in dining where the bar is were

extra crowded since the canal-side outdoor diners had been chased in by the rain. Even though it was over, the staff hadn’t had a chance to get things dried off and re-set.

Chromis are seen on most of the local reefs.

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