Of Real and Artificial Christmas Trees…..

I’ve probably posted about this before in general. We do have our tree up with no decorations yet; that will happen some time this week. We’ve never been one for outdoor lights, so the poinsettias and wreaths on the garage are pretty much for the exterior. We also  have wreaths for the front door except when we swapped out the door we forgot about that and can’t use the old-style hangars as in the past. We might manage the heavy duty “Command” hooks if we can ever remember to get them.

We were planing to revert to an artificial  tree this year and Hubby stopped by the Methodist Church which is one of the ones who sell trees as a fundraiser. They had like six trees left and one was the perfect size and shape for us, so it’s a real one again. I might even toss out some of the old ornaments that have no sentimental value like I’ve said I would do every year and mostly put them back in the box instead. We don’t bother with tinsel strands anymore and I have to say I definitely don’t miss the icicles we used way back when we were kids. I don’t know if they even make those anymore. We have a lot of marine and tropical theme ornaments which will probably be the main items again. Granddaughter is old enough at this point where I don’t have to worry about moving anything breakable out of reach. The only thing about a real tree is we do have this beautiful red star tree topper which is very heavy. I can’t for the life of me remember why I would have gotten it in the first place and so far if hasn’t worked with any of the life trees we’ve had; the upper parts just aren’t strong enough. Ah well, it might go onto a window sill again.

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