Happy Birthday Time…..

At our age, birthday celebrations are not a big deal, and especially not when it’s a Monday. On the other hand,since my husband’s birthday and our anniversary are fairly close together, we sometimes combine them for “an event”. This is one such year and we will be headed to Belize in a couple of days. Belize has been on our dive-list for a while and three different factors came together to send us on our way. First, we have some friends who’ve lived there for a number of years and they’ve put their house on the market. It is a spectacular place according to the photos we’ve seen and when you have snorkeling in your “front yard”, it is worth checking out. The second factor is some other friends did the Belize trip last year and enjoyed it so much they are going back – always a good recommendation since they have certainly been diving in many places. Lastly, we were supposed to go do the Red Sea this year for our big dive trip and the geopolitical situation caused us to re-think that.

You put that all together and voila!, Belize seemed like a really good idea. So here’s to what we hope will be sunny skies, calm seas, and lots of wonderful marine lfe. Of course we did go out to dinner this evening for a jumpstart on seafood. Hogfish for my husband and a chef’s special of wasabi-crusted shrimp for me. Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

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