“You Can Say No”…..

“Aaack”, is what I believe Bill the Cat used to exclaim, and with Snoopy it was “Aargh!” perhaps. Notwithstanding the distinct possibility those are spelled incorrectly, it is the sentiment that I am after. I’ve managed to once again allow myself to be utterly jammed up before leaving for a trip. I had gone out of my way to have as few obligations as possible today, and yet, somewhere along the way, that intention collided with my usual, “Well yes, I  suppose I could take care of that…”

In the course of a discussion of this habit, someone who hasn’t known me that long said, “You can say no, you know.” While that is a correct statement at face value, had the same individual said that to my husband about me he would have smiled, shaken his head, and replied something along the lines of, “I gave up telling her that a long time ago.” He does still occasionally bring the point up more because he feels that he should than that I will actually take such advice. Oh yes, I know all the reasons, and what a bad habit this is, but for all of you out there who also have a terrible time saying, “No, I can’t help,” do remember that you are not alone. Providing the cyberbugs don’t interfere, the next post will be from the lovely country of Belize.

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