A Boatload of Sushi….

One of the small “boats” of sushi at Num Thai Restaurant

As I have mentioned, I don’t do sushi, although I love Thai and other Asian cuisine. We have two nice Sushi/Thai restaurants in town and one that many of our diving friends in Key Largo enjoy. So, after spending time viewing all manner of marine creatures during the day, there is a periodic gathering at Num Thai in Key Largo. Last night was to welcome back a couple who have been sailing the Caribbean for a number of months now. They are only here for a short time before they set sail again and we were all delighted to get together. One of the signature aspects of Num Thai is that they have these wooden “boats” you can order filled with a variety of sushi and since five of the eight were up for that, the waitress decided that two identical boats would be easier to manage. There was general agreement and my goodness what a boatload of sushi it was! And yet, despite what looked liked a massive quantity, the array was handily consumed by the those who eat such things.

The three of us who prefer food cooked shifted around to sit together to make the process simpler and my chicken green curry was excellant as were the crunchy fried shrimp. In either case – raw or cooked, the Kirin beer was cold, the sake warm, and the friendship filled with laughter. Who knows, we might have to have another round as a Bon Voyage!


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