A Dolphin Underwater….

Where did the last two days go when I meant to post this? One of the many great things about diving is that it is not unusual to see dolphins as you travel to and from dive sites in tropical settings. There has also been a significant increase in the number of dolphin encounter programs that divers (and non-divers) can participate in. Those have a special thrill, but a chance encounter underwater with a dolphin is a treat that you don’t routinely get. (Well, not in most places.)

We were in Grand Bahama years ago, and in fact, had done the dolphin dive in Freeport. We were staying and diving on another part of the island and on our last dive of the trip, we were headed back to the boat when a single dolphin appeared, swam within a few yards, played around for almost a minute and then shot away. Naturally that was in our days before my husband took up underwater photography. Earlier this week we had dinner with friends in Key Largo who were down from Philadelphia and related this story as part of the usual, “where have you been diving?”, discussion that always arises when divers socialize. We also mentioned that we’ve never had that happen since. So yes, in one of those pleasantly ironic moments, my husband came home two days later and sure as the world, what had he seen that day? A dolphin underwater – again, no camera. He did have a couple of witnesses though who were as excited as he was. Ah, if only I had been along! Oh well, maybe my turn is coming up soon.

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