Spring Trip, Day 1……

This is another of the trips with a lot of movement. We flew into Philadelphia, picked up the car and drove to Seacaucus, NJ for the Beneath the Sea Dive Show. For those who might be new to the Blog, Richie Kohler is famous in the shipwreck world as he has been involved in some amazing adventures. Back in 2015 I co-authored, Mystery of the Last Olympian; Britannic, Titanic’s Tragic Sister. We knew each other a bit remotely before that and became friends in writing the book. He is receiving a well-deserved award tomorrow and when I heard about it, the timing worked in an odd way. The kids’ spring break is a week earlier this year so we are at the dive show today, re-set to Times Square tomorrow for another event, then go back to Philadelphia Monday morning, The kids come up and we’ll be with them until Thursday.

The flight up yesterday was a bit on the bumpy side, but at least we were on time. The weather though is tough; 30 degrees and it won’t get much warmer plus today is going to be rain all day. It’s good to see people and it will be a fun time. We ate here at the hotel last night. Not an extensive menu, but I had grilled salmon and Hubby had pasta Bolongease. We might go out tonight as there are a couple of nearby restaurants that sound interesting. On the other hand, if it is still raining, I expect we will stay tucked in.

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