Whole Fish on the Grill……

There are certain meals we do that are multi-step and/or time consuming which means we don’t make them very often. Whole fish on the grill is one and I’m not sure exactly why we decided to do it last week. I think it was because it had been a while.

Step one of course is to get the whole fish and the market that does them changed ownership several months ago. There weren’t many changes inside and it was later on a Saturday so the selection was limited. They did have some nice yellow-tail snappers. Next step is waiting for the lady (in this case) to prep the fish as we don’t do that. Prepping the fish when it’s time to cook is a process, too, with seasoning, then putting fresh herbs, and lemon slices. Hubby did dill, parsley, and rosemary as the herbs. Salt, pepper, and a little seafood seasoning for that part. The fish is scored although I don’t remember the reason for that step. Next is prepping the grill to try and keep the fish from sticking. Yes, this step can be by-passed if you do them in foil packets, but that wasn’t the plan this time.

Okay, grill and fish are all prepped and Hubby has the extra special spatula he uses to turn them and did manage to do so with leaving them intact. Now, the whole fish is on the plate and it’s being very careful with eating as there are the bones to deal with. I managed to only get stuck once. It is a delicious meal although not everyone likes looking at a whole fish on a plate. We did small whole potatoes and corm as the sides. I don’t recall the brand, but Publix has the potatoes in a package that has a seasoning pack and they are done in the microwave in like seven minutes. You cook them, then stir in 1-2 TBS of butter and the seasoning mix until the potatoes are coated. They are excellent and easy to do.

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