Repeat Louisiana Trip, Day 2…..

Hard to believe just two full days. Weather was terrible yesterday and I had a lot of driving to do. Temperature never got above 37, and was mostly 34 with dips to 32. Fortunately, that wasn’t sustained and there was enough traffic to keep any slick spots away. I started out at 8:30 for an extra  task that caused me to drive back to the airport, then down south to see aunt and cousins. I knew we wouldn’t get to talk at the funeral and I did have to ask cousin who is judge a couple of estate questions. The rain never let up, merely shifted from light to a bit heavier. It could have been worse, but was tiring to deal with. Sis wanted to do dinner early as she was tired from revising eulogy and taking care of some other stuff. We went to Roma again and since neither of us had an umbrella, I let her off and was able to park not far from the door. She had her first limoncello cake and truly enjoyed it. I keep forgetting to ask since I think they have someone local who does their desserts.

I thought I would sleep last night, but it was wake up every two hours although I did go back to sleep pretty quickly. I finally gave up at 4:00. Had a Facebook message from cousin in Texas; knew there was someone I’d forgotten to notify. It does get a bit jumbled. Today will be long; family time at the church at 12:00; visitation at 1:00; funeral at 2:00, graveside after. Not sure who all will be available for dinner tonight. We’re going to his favorite Mexican restaurant – well, his favorite here anyway. Good news is rain has passed as predicted and temp will get to low 50s by time for cemetery. He will actually be buried next to Mother in the same way my stepmother was buried next to her first husband.

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