Good T.H.U.G.S…….

As I have mentioned on multiple occasions, writing for the community newspaper allows me to learn about people and organizations I would not necessarily come in contact with otherwise. In actuality, this is another case where I didn’t “meet” this group; Hubby did. I will branch off for a quick explanation. I’m a terrible photographer. There were times when photographs were especially important to a piece and the paper would pay Hugh to take them. On other occasions, it would be a photo-heavy piece such as Fourth of July celebration and they would have Hubby and a couple of the others do an array. A few years ago, I was out of town and there was an event where Hubby went alone and did up a short article. Then as they realized how much he enjoyed and understood racing, and the primary sports writer left, he stepped into the racing piece. Yesterday was what one might call a hybrid situation. I’ve been working the story of “National Rebuilding Day”, but things got really jammed for me. Hubby was always going to do the photos and he kindly agreed to capture the quotes as well. (We also had an event to cover last night, although that’s a different topic). Okay, having set the stage, here’s the thing.

Rebuilding Together, Miami Dade (RTMD), is the area chapter for the national organization. It’s similar to Habitat for Humanity except they repair and renovate other than build entire houses. The last Saturday of April is a nation-wide “blitz” day when as many chapters as can focus on multiple houses to complete projects. Professional contractors are used as required to do major work before and volunteers do finishing painting, landscaping, etc., Five houses were the focus yesterday and as the mayor and the lead people from RTMD went to each house Hubby took photos and talked to homeowners and volunteers. One group was from T.H.U.G.S. – True Heroes Under God’s Sovereignty. This is an organization that works with inner city youth in Miami with the express purpose to mentor boys and prepare them for a life without drugs, violence, and crime. The guy explained they work most closely with 8th and 11th graders to help them get onto the right path as they are entering and becoming seniors in high school. They stress vocational careers as well as college. They are a faith-based organization even though they don’t require the boys to be of the same – or any faith. They’re outside the area we cover for the paper, yet I always appreciate learning about these programs.

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