Making Those Ingredient Substitutions…..

I’ve posted before about how we use leftovers to create different dishes than the original. With leftover pork we generally do either carnitas or pork with pasta, but last night we had a little bit of carne asada left and that’s so close to carnitas, I decided instead to have a bit of a sampler plate with simply reheating the carne asada and planning to slice the pork to have it in a green mole sauce. I’m always torn between red and green mole, and lean slightly more to the green. Mole is another of those dishes each restaurant tends to do slightly differently with the recipe handed down by families. Although I’m sure we have and can certainly get a recipe on-line I had no intention of making it from scratch. So, I went by the store to pick up a jar, thinking I had seen some there before. Apparently I was mistaken, or it could be I’d seen it at one of the local stores with a more extensive inventory. Since the week has been a bit jammed and I wasn’t in the mood to make an extra stop, I grabbed a can of green enchilada sauce instead. The only had mild, but we do have a jar of pickled jalapenos to solve that problem.

I also still had some lime-infused olive oil and used that to get a bit of a crust on the sliced pork before I added the sauce and jalapenos and set it to simmer for about thirty minutes. Even though the end result was not quite as good as with mole, it was still good and allowed us to use up the rest of the rice and re-fried beans in the fridge as well. Oh, and almost all the leftover grilled yellow squash as the other side.

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