October Trip, Day 4…..

Okay, am posting this from the house. Flights went smoothly today and traffic from airport was not bad. Even made it inside 20 minutes ahead of the rain currently falling.

We did have a late night last night as Clyde’s, the restaurant we went to, took longer than we expected – good food and the delays were understandable. For one of the first times ever, I did not get my crab cakes during the Virginia visit. I fully intended to, but when they have lobster Shepard’s pie on the menu, how does one resist? I did have Maryland crab soup though, so a regional homage was involved. We all wanted to spend a little more time together and thus did a nightcap in the room as granddaughter was a bit “wired” and needed to wind down. Had done my Grandma duty with an hour in the pool earlier in the afternoon and let’s just say it was not overly comfortable. The kids did have a nice “date day”, but with the weather rainy and chilly, they mostly relaxed rather than went anywhere special.

A very different experience on the connecting flight to Miami which went far better than I thought. We were in aisle and center seat and lady was right behind us who was in the window seat. Okay, we step back out to let her and her dog in. Some kind of long hair terrier mix. As she was juggling everything, I made the comment of it would take her a minute to get the dog in the carrier. She said, “No, she wouldn’t be needing it.” Ah, the dog was to be in her lap for the entire flight. You can understand my concern. Now, my sister, who is allergic to animal dander, has commented before about this being something that bothers her. We happen not to be allergic, but it was a full flight. I have no idea what would have happened if one or both of us were allergic. The dog did squirm around a bit, but also behave and it wasn’t an issue. In truth, as startling as it was, the dog was quieter than having an crying baby/child next to us.



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