Home and Hurricanes….

The quick trip to Louisiana for Daddy’s 92d birthday went as well as can be expected and there were obviously questions about Hurricane Matthew. I explained that as long as he went East or North, we were fine. West, not so much. And so we’re now very much in the “wait and see” mode because “deviation” is what matters about landfall around us. Despite the sophistication of the weather gurus, Mother Nature will do as she wishes. The likelihood for us is a lot of rain and maybe wind tomorrow. On the other hand, a “deviation” could shift everything. One would like to think with plenty of open water out in the Atlantic, other than messing with ships, Matthew could churn around for a while and do limited damage. Of course, that’s pretty much always the case in these situations. We, here in this area, haven’t had much hurricane activity since the summer of 2005 that was definitely active. Someone mentioned on FB this morning that we should engage newcomers in conversation to either bring up important points or answer questions they might have. I made the trip to the grocery store yesterday and filled the car.

An advantage for us when it comes to power loss is we have two Emergency Response stations in opposite directions within a couple of miles of us and they are on high priority for any restoration. I’m not sure where we fall in that “grid”, but I think we’re probably close. We do have a small generator although it’s a manual and getting it out isn’t really worth it if we are only talking a few hours without power. It won’t run the AC, but it will keep the fridge and stove going which are the main things.  So, we shall see what the next couple of days bring.

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