Day Three of Trip…..

We have become so accustomed to our electronics and connectivity that when they fail us we can get downright cranky. Okay, I’m sure there are people who cheerfully accept it, but I’m not one of them. Indeed, our house is beginning to look like a computer graveyard with multiple old laptops and what will soon be this Surface. The Surface is a cross between a notebook and a tablet. I bought it a few years ago to travel with because unlike a tablet, it has a USB port which means I can carry files with me to work on and then easily transfer them to my regular laptop that stays comfortably at home. The Surface with power cord only weighs a couple of pounds. Unfortunately, the Surface is suffering from some very odd behavior this trip. I can barely manage to access email and it took multiple tries to get to the blog. Anyway, such is modern life.

Today is actually Daddy’s 92d birthday and I’ll go back out to the assisted living facility this morning and take him somewhere for lunch if he’d like. If not, I’ll dine there with him and then be ready for the 2:00 cake and punch everyone is looking forward to. If all goes well, we will have set up a video call with our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter so they can wish him Happy Birthday. I’ll be leaving there this afternoon to spend the night closer to the airport and have dinner with another old school friend. I wasn’t able to link up with her the last trip, so hopefully this will work out. As for next year’s birthday celebration, who knows for sure. Apparently, there is one resident who is preparing for her 101st soon.

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