The 20th Anniversary Performance……

I suppose it actually has been ten years since we first watched our son in a performance with the Bowen-McCauley Dance Company ( At least the Playbill from last night said he’s in his tenth season with them. Well, them being Lucy. She is an amazing woman in so many ways. To survive in the dance world as a small performing company is difficult enough. To consistently win awards and be regarded as the best small company in the area is even tougher. She does this through absolutely tireless efforts, a complete understanding of how the arts scene functions, and forging lots of ties. I’ve written before about how she incorporates live music into her performances, but another example is she is often asked to bring a piece to an embassy. For those not familiar with D.C., “Embassy Row” is just that – many of the embassies are located in and around Dupont Circle and most are quite large. They have frequent receptions and as part of those will often have perhaps a string quartet or pianist. Because Lucy is well-established she has been invited to have a duo, trio, or quartet piece which fits well into those type of spaces.

Anyway, because last night was celebrating the 20th year (15th at the Kennedy), she had created a 3-part Ars Amatoria, based on the 2-000 year old writing by Ovid advising young men how to woo women. It was done with plenty of whimsy and multiple instruments (to include a bass clarinet) and the addition of a pink-clad Cupid dancing about to assist the humans in their efforts at love. The audience enjoyed it and I haven’t checked the Washington Post yet to see how they reacted. They usually review her performances.

Although the temperature here has dropped considerably, at least the precipitation isn’t as heavy as had initially been predicted. Today will be filled with taking the kids to lunch, then everyone coming for dinner at our friends.

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