Time to Return Home…..

Okay, I have gotten wimpy about the cold, although in all fairness, if I go to a cold climate in winter, I expect to bundle up. Hitting a high of 45 on what is the second day of spring, however, just doesn’t feel right. I mean, yes, if we were in the Dakotas or up in the mountains, but anyway, such is the variability of this area. I haven’t checked our flight status yet to see if everything is on time – I’ll do that when I finish this post. Yesterday was lunch with the kids at the Dogfish Brewery (or maybe it’s just a restaurant and they bring their beer in) and a nice sampling of both food and beverage. Not being at the age yet of a kid’s meal, Amelia samples a little of everything. Oyster crackers really are perfect kid-size and a French fry is always welcome. Salmon and grilled chicken were happily munched on and while a piece of lettuce was fine, asparagus did not meet with approval. It is rather a strong taste.

Oh, on Saturday when my dear friend and I were out and about, we ran across a place called Cava Fresh Mezzzo (I think was the name). We weren’t in any of our regular spots and it looked intriguing. It was one of those build-your-own places like a Chipolte except with Mediterranean cuisine. You could do a rice bowl, salad, pita, or mini-pita and soup. They had multiple spreads for the pitas – I went with a spicy roasted pepper one. Protein choices were beef meatballs, lamb meatballs, chicken, shredded spiced beef, or they had falafel balls and also roasted vegetables. There were various toppings such as diced cucumbers in an herbed yogurt sauce, tapenade, etc. Considering the wet and cold of the day, we opted for the mini-pita and a wonderful roasted tomato soup. They did not serve alcohol and I didn’t give the beet lemonade a try. The food was delicious and we had scooted in just ahead of the crowd, so it was a pleasant experience. I don’t know if this is a regional chain, but if you run across one, I can recommend it.

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