Wailing Away…..

No, not that kind. I posted not long ago about the opening of the renovated Seminole Theater here in Homestead and among the performances they have lined up were the Wailers. (http://www.seminoletheatre.org) My tolerance for reggae is limited, but I do understand the appeal for others and that includes my husband. Originally, he and a friend whose wife wasn’t going to be able to attend were planning to make it a “guys night out”. Things changed the day of the show and she urged me to go. I already had the ticket, but also had a meeting that afternoon with a different guy who hadn’t made his mind up yet. Voila, that took care of that. Several people had expressed concern because the advance ticket sales had not been strong. This was a situation, however, where apparently, people were buying directly at the box office since the crowd pretty well filled the orchestra seats.

Hubby had a great time as did everyone I spoke with the next day and several folks posted to social media. It was as lively as you could ask for and I’m not certain how many of the men in the original band with Bob Marley are still with them, but some are. I gather there was also at least some explanation of the philosophy that Marley embraced and espoused, although I don’t think it was a lengthy pitch. Part of the programming for this first season is to try a rather diverse schedule to see what people respond to. Based on what I heard – this is a genre that may be booked again in the future.


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