Lots of Quilts….

There are times when the phrase, “Great minds think alike”, seems to apply and in this case it may be that or it may be I don’t know what actually occurred. At any rate, if you love quilts, you’re going to get a double dose in February. According to a couple of people, there was a tradition of an annual quilt show at the United Methodist Church in Homestead for many years. Apparently, the woman who was usually in charge reached the stage where she was ready to back away (as we all do in these sorts of things) and for whatever reason, no one else stepped forward. (Please understand, I have no idea if this is what happened, but it was the version I was given). I am not certain of how many years lapsed, but the same cannot be said for 2016. There will not only be a quilt show, Fri & Sat, 12-13 February at the United Methodist Church on Krome Avenue, the following week, Sat & Sun, 20-21 February, there will be a quilt show at the Pioneer Museum on Krome Avenue.

I believe the charge for each show is only $5. The show at the Church will have classes for an additional cost as well as demonstrations, lectures, displays, and vendors, and the show at the Museum will have lectures, displays, vendors, and I’m not sure about classes. In either case, there will be fun for quilters and quilt lovers. I will be at the Museum show with my line of quilting cozies, Small Town Lies, Small Town Haven, and Small Town Quilting Blues. I think everyone is hoping for a good turnout to gauge if this can be an annual event again in bringing the tradition back to Homestead & Florida City.

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