A Range of Artistic Choices……

A small sampling of art at The Children's Art Gallery at Cauley Square

A small sampling of art at The Children’s Art Gallery at Cauley Square

All of us who knew the Children’s Art Gallery were sad to see them leave Homestead, but it was an issue of timing that couldn’t be avoided. I’ve posted before about Cauley Square, the pleasant 10-acre parcel between Homestead and Cutler Bay with cute shops and a couple of restaurants. They were happy to provide a location for the Children’s Art Gallery and if you haven’t visited Natalie and Carlos there, you are missing a treat. If you aren’t familiar with the Gallery, the name can be misleading. They do indeed provide a wonderful environment for children (to include special needs) to express themselves artistically and to learn, but their love of art extends well beyond that. Aside from their own considerable talent, they nurture artists as often and in every way they can. (http://www.childrensgalleryartscenter.org)

The gallery has a range of mediums to select from and if you need a beautiful scarf, I would look there first. Some handcrafted jewelry is almost always available and there are other small gift items if that’s what you are looking for. The array of classes in different mediums is impressive and their Art and Wine Parties can provide something new to try. Have a piece of art to restore? That is yet another service to talk to them about. Their passion for art shows through in everything they do and if you want to help support the arts, spend some time on their website or make some time to visit them. At a minimum, you will feel uplifted being in the presence of a couple whose lives are devoted to sharing their love of art.

Beautiful scarves and other wearable art

Beautiful scarves and other wearable art

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  1. The Children’s Gallery and Arts Center is very grateful for your support to our arts education cause, and all the arts in general. The cultural growth of our community is our responsibility as artists and art patrons. Thank you very much Charlie, Nancy and Larry from Homestead Center of the Arts.

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