Windy Woes…..

Not having much experience with sailing, I don’t know the parameters for what size sailboats are impacted by small craft warnings. From a diving perspective here though (and probably sport fishing as well), most charter boats can’t go out. November and December have both been tough months for trying to dive and on a number of occasions, people who have gone out when conditions were on the edge haven’t had the kind of underwater visibility and pleasant boat trips Key Largo is known for. It’s inconvenient for locals, but we can reschedule without much difficulty. I always feel badly for tourists who have planned a trip for maybe months, come a fair distance, and are “blown out” for diving. If they’re here for a week which is kind of a standard time, there will usually be at least a couple of days they can salvage. Fortunately, if the issue with being on the water is wind and not rain along with high wind, there are quite a few outdoor activities that aren’t affected, so it isn’t as if the vacation will be a total waste. When you’re looking forward to spending time underwater though, and you travel to a dive destination, that’s pretty much what you really want to do.

There was hope for today and there are no doubt a few people who decided to brave the water, but most will have to keep their fingers crossed for some calm to settle in. When the wind is whipping above 20 knots, that just doesn’t tend to be much fun. On the other hand, I guess if you have a kite to fly, it works out well.


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