Disappearing Days….

That is how it feels sometimes, isn’t it, when you jam a day completely full? So many people lead such hectic lives that you can look around and think, “My Lord, where did the day go?” Well, there are many ways to phrase that question of course, but I do try to keep the blog PG-13 rated. In my case, the past three days have fallen into that category, but it was actually a domino effect. Events scheduled for yesterday caused me to do extra work Sunday and Monday in preparation and then unexpected actions from yesterday spilled over into today. I may, or may not, be able to get back on track by the time I have to pop out for a networking event.

I am however, closing in on getting all the tax information gathered which unfortuantely is only step one, albeit a major step. For all you freelancers out there, perhaps you are more diligent than I at recording things. Actually, I am better than I ued to be, although there is still ample room for improvement. No, we don’t do our taxes – haven’t for years and while I do have great respect for tax prep software, you can reach a point with extra complicating factors as we did, and you decide it’s worth paying someone else to deal with it. That brings to mind a friend who was getting his degree in accounting. I aked what he was planning to do after graduating and he said, “Go to work for the IRS.” I was suprised, but his explanation made sense. Working for a few years in the IRS tends to increase one’s marketability in the private sector. Okay, that I can understand.

So, folks out there – where are you in the process of getting your taxes ready?



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