It’s Time To Pull Up Your Pants…..

Streaks of purple (or whatever color) hair, Mohawks, a profusion of tattoos – these are fashion (or other) statements that I may not care for, but I have become accustomed to. Well okay, I still don’t get the eyebrow, lip, and tongue piercing. The pants showing the underwear, however, is a different matter and quite frankly, I am tired of the disrespect that it shows for common civility. Again, this is a choice, a personal choice that no one is forced to follow. It is also entirely within the control an in individual. I do not care where the habit originated or what it is allegedly intended to represent. What it does represent is an unwillingness to acknowledge the absurdity of it, if a male is being remotely honest. And parents/guardians/older siblings – this is on them as well. At some point an adult or older person says, “No, this is ridiculous, inappropriate and will not be permitted.” You want baggy pants that you can hardly walk in – that’s fine, as long as displaying you underwear isn’t involved.

Unlike some situations requiring change,  pants can be pulled up without it costing much, and usually without it costing a single dime. Belts just aren’t that hard to come by or that expensive. This is also a change that doesn’t even require any real effort. What it does require is a few minutes to acknowledge the inappropriateness of continuing this behavior. Is it the most pressing problem in the world? Not precisely, but again, it is indicative of a lack of self-discipline that is a problem in a great many areas. It’s time to say that this has gone on long enough. Set a National Pants Pull Up Day if you want to, but those who persist in showing their underwear to the rest of the world should stop, and those who encourage it should be ashamed.

4 thoughts on “It’s Time To Pull Up Your Pants…..

  1. Some fashion statements are meant to provoke, annoy, and even offend other people–and this one clearly does its job effectively.

  2. Oh Charlie, I chortled through this entire post. This is why I love you. And I concur. And I respectfully disagree with your first commenter. There is no strategy to this.

    • I’m glad you’ve had time to relax in the “Cafe”. Come on back and guest post whenever you feel like it.


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