Bouncing Between Stories……

This is one of those weeks with two stories already on tap for the paper and the third one hit this morning. On the other hand, it happens to be the follow-up piece to one I initiated couple of weeks ago and is a totally “feel good” piece.I didn’t previously post about ,”The Redneck Talent Show”, which put together by a YouTube star who has some connections to the area. His work has built up a following of more than 9 million and the Talent Show was something new for him and his team. The “talent” was wide open to different things with entertainment being the goal. With a prize of $10,000, it drew in more than locals. However, a local dance group (the newest in the area), did win. I wasn’t familiar with them and have been impressed with the day’s exchanges.

Of the other two, one is something relatively new that may well become an annual event and should bring a lot of people in who will be staying in hotels, dining out and so forth. Some will come in RVs since it’s an athletic event at the Speedway, but even with that, they’ll probably have to gas up before leaving and that certainly generates sales tax. There is still a perception that the Speedway is only about NASCAR or open only part time rather than understanding they have about 300 days a year with events. Some are small, and some, like this one have nothing to do wit cars/vehicles. The MIAMI CLASH is one of several locations and includes Pro and Amateur biking, running, and swimming competitions. Hubby will cover the actual events and I’m doing the preliminary to let people know about it.

The one that is distressing deals with thefts and vandalism against one of our Boy Scout troops – the historic one founded in 1946. Acts like these are never good, but when it involves a charitable/civic group it’s especially disturbing. A little publicity might possibly result in some useful information getting to the police.

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