The Three Celebrities Pattern….

Sigh. We are all familiar with “three celebrity deaths in a row”, and this has been no exception. While Ken Spears, who helped create Scooby-Doo, wasn’t someone I knew anything about, there were many episodes of Scooby and the gang watched when son was at the cartoon age.

And to be fair, Sean Connery did make it to 90. Despite him having grown up in poverty, how could he have not achieved basically everything he wanted in life? Well, okay, he was a fierce proponent for Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom, and that hasn’t come about. What wonderful movies from him though and what class over the decades. He was the quintessential James Bond, and others were from okay-to-good, but none could truly match him.

Which brings us to Alex Trebec. If you caught the Monday, Nov 9th intro to the episode, there was no way to not tear up as the studio VIP paid his tribute and explained all thirty-five of the final episodes with Alex would air. The fact he was able to do as well as he did during his battle with cancer was remarkable enough. That he taped his final show only two weeks before died was symbolic of why he was admired by so very many. I suspect no one will ever know the thousands of youngsters (and perhaps adults) he inspired in all those games of Jeopardy. RIP, gentlemen, and thank you for what you shared with us.

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