Trip Day 1……

And so I began my trip yesterday with no real chance to get on-line. I was up early as usual this morning, but having network issues which I think I have sort of resolved. It will be this way during my Missouri leg, but so it goes sometimes. Anyway, early flight out of Miami was uneventful and layover in Dallas was good. Flight into Springfield was bumpy for second part as weather had set in a day earlier than anticipated. My friend was somewhat distressed with the rain as there are some outdoor plans involved. However, we do have Plan B and the rain did stop as we had lunch at a local and excellent BBQ place. She lives about an hour from Springfield and at least there was only sporadic light rain on the drive back.

Catching up of course took us into dinner and since Plan B for today includes a matinee of the Downton Abby movie and I have never watched the show, she found a season by season synopsis for me, then we watched Episodes 1 and 2, Season 1 so I could have an idea of characters, setting, etc. I have a number of friends who are big fans and I must admit I can see why. I doubt I’ll go back and look for the show on DVD, but it’s not totally out of the question, either. Anyway, I expect my sleep patterns will be disrupted for a few days – as if I don’t have enough trouble with insomnia – yet, that is again normal for when I travel.

The leaves have not really begun to change here and the general consensus is they probably won’t have a good “leaf season”. It is always so dependent on rain and temperatures. They do still have a few hummingbirds lingering though and that’s nice.

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