What’s One More Deadline?….

First book in the “Small Town” series

I’ll try not to feel guilty about my lapse in posting. It is something I enjoy doing and when I slip up, it bothers me. On the other hand, when I say “Yes” too often, there are only so many hours in a day. On Wednesday I head up to Wisconsin and that has generated some extra, “But can’t you please do…..before you go?”

Anyway, the upcoming trip I briefly mentioned in a previous post is of special interest. A lady from the Darting Needles Quilting Guild contacted me last year about being a guest speaker. I would not normally travel that far, but in this case, there is a dear friend whom I have not seen in many years. It’s about a six-hour drive from where I’ll be presenting, but since I haven’t been to Wisconsin, this should allow me to enjoy some of the state at least. She lives in a very small town which is rather fitting considering I’ll be talking about my Small Town quilting cozy novels. The town where I’ll be presenting is either on or close to Green Bay and sounds like it is charming. There is a university that I suspect will remind me of the small university I graduated from in Louisiana. I’ll be taking a suitcase since I’ll be carrying some books as well as staying a few extra days. That means I can throw in a jacket in case they won’t be having the high 80s/low 90s temperatures I’ll be leaving.

I’m looking forward to visiting a part of the country I’m not familiar with and as usual, I’ll do a daily blog while I’m on the road.



2 thoughts on “What’s One More Deadline?….

  1. Hi Charlie,
    I hope you enjoy your trip to Wisconsin: the parts I have seen were very pretty. Any chance of a new Small Town book? I enjoy them a lot!

    • Hi Fiona. Thanks for the note. I’ve had other projects that have impacted my usual publishing schedule. Small Town Quilting Treasures is planned and I hopeto have it out next Spring. I’ll have an update on the other projects soon. Have a nice weekend. Charlie

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