Little Weird Things in Life…….

Those of us who live in warm climates quickly adapt to wearing sandals pretty much all the time. In my case, it has a dual benefit because I wear a 4.5 in closed toe shoes. I’ve posted before about how difficult it is to find shoes and with sandals, I can often wear a 5. Not that the selection in that size is extensive, but it’s certainly better than with the 4.5. Anyway, several weeks ago, I managed to somehow smack my uncovered big toe against a door jam. The momentary pain got my attention and then I realized the little sucker was bleeding a fair amount. I took care of that and as expected, it was mildly sore for a couple of days. Not too surprisingly considering the amount of blood involved, the nail then turned that blue-black color although it was no longer sore.

I didn’t think much about it and as it was healing, there was a bit of extra thickness to the nail. Again, it wasn’t drastic and I wasn’t paying much notice to it. A couple of days ago, I slid my feet into sandals and felt something odd – not pain – just odd. That was because my old toe nail popped off. It was very much like something molting and I have to admit I was startled. I gently pressed the new nail, but if felt fine. At least the half of it that had grown. I looked closer. Apparently, the nail grew to a certain length and the skin that isn’t currently covered toughened as well. I guess the rest of the toenail will grow eventually. I suppose this is all normal since I’ve never had anything like this happen before.

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