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As I have mentioned, other projects have delayed me in getting a new novel out, but there will be one in early summer, although very different from anything I have done before. I am also returning to Verde Key and Detective Bev Henderson for those who have missed her. The other day was a great example of how shifts in plots can occur. There are some tricky twists in this one – Shades of Deception by the way – and in trying to set up a particular plot point, I suddenly realized I could branch along a slightly different path and solve two problems. All my fans know I strive to keep my characters “in character” and not leave the reader thinking, “Why did that happen?” I was having difficulty in getting Bev from “Point A to Point B” in a logical fashion. Also, my antagonist – rather creepy I might add – was setting up not quite as I wanted. Now that I have both situations in hand, things are flowing more smoothly.

Most of the time I have all the major plot points laid out early in the process, but not always. Georgina’s Grief is a good example. I literally had to come up with an extra character, or two as it turned out, to kill off in order to make things work. They weren’t particularly likable though, which I did because their only function was to get killed anyway. I try not to do away with “nice” people, although it is sometimes necessary. In a few cases, I admit, I’ll be sitting at the computer weeping as I “do the deed”. Such is the life of both authors and characters. Shades of Deception should be out in the fall.

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