Another Interesting Find……

Not that I need any more candles at the moment, but earlier this week, I met a lovely couple at the Business-Plus Network meeting Community Bank hosts each month. Their product is a wonderful soy aromatic candle that burns with a wooden wick. This is the type of item that makes a wonderful gift and while they are not inexpensive, it can also be the perfect choice for people who are embracing a lifestyle where they appreciate unique, handcrafted pleasures. The company, Hummingbird, sells predominantly on-line. (,

The scents of Gardenia, Key Lime, Driftwood, and others have a nice fragrance and are not overwhelming. The couple can customize labels which is always nice for gift-giving. I didn’t have a chance to spend too much time with them and their website doesn’t get into much detail about them either. I love to promote entrepreneurs though and there are moments when you’re trying to decide what to give someone that doesn’t take up a lot of room and is consumable. One of these candles might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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