NASCAR With a Bang…….

A view of a NASCAR race. (Image from a Free NASCAR Images site)

A view of a NASCAR race. (Image from a Free NASCAR Images site)

No, I am not making light of Kyle Bush’s injury in yesterday’s NASCAR race. It’s just one of those things that I had dragged poor hubby once again into a volunteer situation that had led to us needing to be in another place at the beginning of the Saturday NASCAR race. Now, he’s been waiting since November for the season to start and when this task “bubbled up”, I certainly hadn’t realized it would be at this particular time. Like a good wife, the least I could do was set the race to record, knowing we would be back for the last part of it and we had the race tuned in on the radio as we headed to the house. For those who might not know, racing at Daytona usually comes with a special intensity, lots of NASCAR history, and all sorts of drama. We were quite surprised on the way home to hear that even though they were deep into the race, nothing unusual had happened. In a way that was okay, because it meant hubby hadn’t missed too much excitement.

We got home and him settled into his recliner and I went up to do some other stuff. Later when I came down, I said something like, “You mean there’s going to be a Daytona without a big crash?” “No,” he said, “they just had a nasty one.” That turned out to be 11 cars and it was pretty bad. One of the announcers then predicted that it wouldn’t be the only one and sure enough, there was another one involving 11 more cars. Now there had also been talk about (not sure why), that an underdog might win the race. As the final cars were running, a veteran driver moved ahead and looked like a sure winner. Then the “Anything Can Happen at Daytona” kicked in and sure enough, a “youngster” and underdog shot ahead as did three others as “the kid” won and the veteran came in fifth. It made for about as much excitement as hubby could have asked for and he was right there watching it. The biggest race is today of course and we’ll see what happens with it.


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