Paris, Day Two…….

No photo today because I’m not totally sure if emailing them to myself is in our plan or not and will check with Hubby. Let me back up to the hotel. We’re in a room that is a little larger than a cruise ship, but not much. On the other hand, it does have internet, a small elevator, and plenty of hot water even on the fourth floor. The location is great being a one minute walk to the Metro and the light rail line just across the street from that. So, about dinner last night – very different from what we usually do. Totally Novelle Cuisine in a place that could have been anywhere in New York. Hubby loved it. The presentation was great, service perfect, and since we had eaten heavily at lunch, I had plenty. The menu was quite limited with the concept of focusing on what they did. In fact, this morning when I asked for recommendations about a place for tonight and mentioned where we’d been, the desk clerk asked me how we liked it and was glad to get a personal review.

So, this morning after breakfast at a nearby café (we slept late), we set off to find the Picasso Museum. It is in the Marais district and far enough from the Metro that no signs point to it. We missed the cross street initially, but did backtrack and find it. Then as it turns out, they control the number of people who enter at any given time, so there was a one hour wait in line. That wouldn’t have been quite so bad, but it was chilly and a light rain for almost the entire wait. Anyway, the irony is that the Picasso Museum in housed in an old house that was no doubt built in the 1700 or 1800s. There were four floors of exhibits and one section contained some of Picasso’s personal collection that included Renoir, Cezanne, Matisse, etc. The other thing that was interesting was a collection of photographs from a photographer who was a tenant in Picasso’s studio. He subsequently did a series of photos of Picasso working on certain pieces.

We had a late lunch at a lovely little café and even though it had stopped raining, Hubby was in the mood for onion soup. We then came back and the Cluny Museum – Museum of the Middle Ages – is close to the hotel. We had been there on the previous trip, but I was too tired to climb to the third floor to see the Lady and the Unicorn exhibit. We made it this afternoon and I will do a special post about it when we complete the trip.

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