Rainy Season…….

We have entered the rainy season here in South Florida, although it isn’t quite like the rainy season in some parts of the country. The rain is pouring at the moment and that will last for a while longer. Then, it is just as likely that the sun will come out with the humidity obviously hovering in the 80-plus percent category and steam everything. Then again, threatening clouds may roll in once more with intermittent rain throughout the day or perhaps not until late at night. The forecast pretty much stays at 30% chance of rain, chance of scattered thunderstorms during this time. Having an umbrella in the car is always a good idea and at least we don’t have to worry about putting water in the pool for a few weeks.

Had I progressed in my desire to learn more about our wonderful South Florida botanicals, I would also know which ones that I could be planting at this point, but somehow, this skill has once again escaped me. Okay, I supposed escaped is not the correct word – more that I have yet to put my mind to it. My, what “branching” thoughts occur when you start on a particular topic. My other act of procrastination is in not getting a rain barrel which I truly meant to do this year. However, we also apparently have some sort of gutter system that isn’t particularly compatible with a rain barrel, although I haven’t checked into those details.

There is one other aspect to rainy season and that is the arrival of the Black Water (or is it Black Water Sound?) mosquitos. They’ll start to hatch and if we’re lucky, it will be a short period of only about three weeks when it is miserably “buggy”, then we’ll be beyond it in general. There are, of course, some areas around here where bugs are fairly constant.

Ah, the rain seems to have stopped, but since it’s only 5:30 a.m., I can’t tell what we might have in the way of clear skies once we have sunrise. We shall see and keep the umbrellas handy.

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