Social Media Forays….

Okay, let us refer to me as technologically challenged when it comes to most electronic things and still puzzled when it comes to Social Media. My smart phone has all sorts of functions that I haven’t the faintest idea of how to use and I don’t have a great many apps downloaded. To say that it took me far longer than it should have to get into E-books and start a blog is an understatement. You have probably already noted that my blog is pretty basic, but that isn’t the precise point here.

Kelly Samardak, of Short Stack Photogrpahy, is also a social media guru and she has been trying to teach me, as she somewhat drags me into the different venues. It was Tweeting, and now a fan page for Facebook at that I will try not to mix up with my regular FB page. (Not that I can do all the cool things with that either.) Oh yes, and Pinterest is in there somewhere. Anyway, for those out there who can whiz around on these platforms, zipping through cyberspace, and navigating through all the different aspects – I admire your skill. For those of us who are cautiously feeling our way, we will attempt to stay in the proverbial righthand lane, so as to not impede your progress, and if there are “protocol blunders”, please accept an upfront apology.

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