Thanksgiving Travels……

This will be a short post and then a gap until Friday. We always go to Georgia at Thanksgiving to be with my husband’s mom and whichever assorted family members are assembled. The crowd will be a big one this year. Two segments of the family alternate years to accomodate in-law situations and this is the year when all gather in Georgia. We don’t alternate because I go to Daddy’s in October for his birthday and that’s pretty close together timing-wise for a trip. Anyway, going to Georgia is similar to Louisana in the sense that we have no internet in either place and posting to the blog requires going into town to seek wi-fi. These are the days when having our own wi-fi capability would be useful, but since it’s only a couple of times a year, it isn’t that inconvenient.

Although we normally avoid traveling on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, there was a scheduling issue this time and we opted to come a little way last night that will hopefully let us avoid the major bottlenecks today. There is one stretch of I-75 that has been under construction for several years and that’s always potentially slow-going.

We are now at the point with my husband’s family of four generations together, one of the sights when you can see the great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and child laughing or reminiscing, the great-grandfathers no longer with us. There is a moment of poignancy as the infant or child of the fourth generation has no idea what a fleeting moment  it is. And so, for family, friends, and anyone reading the post today, travel safely and enjoy your day. May those inevitable irritations that pop up be few and quickly pass. Happy Thanksgiving!

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