Green Parrots and a Hawk……

No, the hawk wasn’t chasing the parrots, and as fast as parrots are, I’m not sure they are ever on a hawk’s menu. We had severe thunderstorms and rain on Saturday that mostly blew through by early Sunday morning. The wind was still noticeable and we did have periodic bursts of heavy rain until mid-afternoon, but much of the day was bright and sunny. When I went for a morning walk, I was treated to an array of birds wheeling, streaking, and sitting.on the telephone wires. We had our usual number of buzzards aloft and when they are at a distance, they do have a prettiness about them. (For all buzzard lovers, I do value their role as scavengers.)

It has been interesting to watch the expansion of green parrots in the neighborhood. When we first moved here at almost the height of the building boom, there was continuing construction as new homes were being added as rapidly as they could be. There was what seemed to be a single flock of parrots that hung out in a clump of trees maybe a mile from our part of the neighborhood. It was on one of my walking routes, so I would see them occasionally. Over the last two years, we began to see more parrots more frequently. I have three basic walking routes that I use and rarely a time goes by when I don’t have parrots flying within easy sight, sometimes right over my head. Their squawks are distinctive and while they tend to be only 2-4 at a time, I have seen as many as a dozen or more. They are one of those birds, rather like the ibis, that always makes me smile. I confess that my bird indentification skill has not progressed appreciably, although it is still on “my list”. For now, though, I’ll just keep enjoying them and if I could ever get a couple to slow down, I’ll get a photo.

4 thoughts on “Green Parrots and a Hawk……

  1. What a wonderful walking route you have! Parrots, a hawk, buzzards … wow, I only see those if I’m at the zoo, and then it is very sad.

    It’s great that you are able to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you every day.

    • I have to admit that after having lived in Hawaii and Puerto Rico, I kind of got hooked on being around a lot of birds. Can you fit a Cockatiel into your life? It’s my understanding there are some of the easiest birds to have and they have cockatiel rescue groups.

  2. Yes, my aunt and uncle had guinea hens. They make for a great altenrative to a watch dog! They let you know very loudly when a predator is around. They are also great for eating ticks! We have hawks, bobcats, mountain lions, black bears, foxes, and raccoons. I’m sure our little birds look mighty tasty to the local wildlife!

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