Who All Did Small Business Saturday?…..

I make it a point to avoid the big stores on Black Friday and Saturday. That’s not a position-type of point, merely not wanting to get caught up in the crowds and we rarely can align anything we specifically need for that particular weekend. Our families have finally started to cut way back on presents that we give, and I became an on-line shoppers a number of years ago. However, when I saw the Small Business Saturday movement going around, I made sure to stop by the only book store in town and picked up a couple of Santa-exchange gifts that I did need. Small businesses are the heart of so much of this country and I do shop them/patronize them when it makes sense. I have nothing against Walmart, nor do I decry large corporations that are operated in a responsible manner. The truth is that small stores have limited inventory and you can’t always wait for something to be ordered even if the store has that ability.

Let’s hear it – who else made a special point to shop at a small business either Saturday, or really any time during the weekend?

2 thoughts on “Who All Did Small Business Saturday?…..

  1. I live in Chester, Virginia. Chester was originally a railroad stop town and has remained a small village as the cities around it (Richmond and Petersburg) have grown. Many of the businesses close to home are Mom and Pop shops. Dee and I both support these operation. I like supporting businesses in my little town and the neighbors who own them.

    • That’s cool, Brian. I haven’t actually been to Chester and didn’t realize it still had that small town aspect to it.


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