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The Parent's Guide to Business Travel

Practical Advice and Wisdom for When You Have to Be Away

By Charlie Hudson

Order from Amazon Read Sample Chapter Order from Books a Million A practical, information packed book for any parent who has ever felt a moment of guilt or loneliness when they have left for a trip.

This book explores the dynamics of today's parents who travel away from their families and offers down-to-earth suggestions from that first time a parent leaves an infant all the way through the sudden realization of becoming an empty-nester. Topics range from of how to explain an absence to a toddler to the unsettling decision of when, and if, it's okay to leave a teenager alone for one or more nights. It is a helpful, insightful collection of anecdotes and ideas that include tips for emergency medical situations and a review of the many communications options for keeping in touch while on the road.

The Parent's Guide to Business Travel is divided by groups and is seen from the view of the parent who travels, the child or children left at home as well as the stay-behind caregiver, whether spouse, relative or friend. It is written in an easy style, quick to read and provides a bibliography for those who may want to delve more deeply into the psychological aspects of a particular age group or parenting in general.

In the words of the author, "Looking forward to some time on the road is not out of the ordinary. The romantic getaway or the dream trip when your boss asks you to go to the meeting in Paris (or wherever strikes you as terrific) and you don't hesitate for a moment does not mean that you don't love your children. And it may also happen that the kids have a lot going on in their lives at any particular moment and maybe get to over-indulge in fast food treats while you're gone and it seems like they aren't concerned if you're not around. Those are the times that pretty much take care of themselves. The purpose of this book is to discuss all those other times; particularly for the new parent or when your children enter new stages and what worked well in the past suddenly seems ineffective."

Table of Contents


Part One - What, How and Other Thoughts

Chapter One - Introduction
     The Realities of Separation
     A Word About Separation Anxiety
     A Military Flavor
     How the Book is Structured - Parts One and Two

Chapter Two - How Long Is A Week?: Infant to Pre-Schooler (Up to Age Five)
     Infant to Toddler (Age Two)
     Ages Three to Five
     Saying Good-bye
     How About Those Presents When You Come Home?

Chapter Three - You Really Should See The Pandas: The Older Child
     The Elementary Years (Ages Six to Ten)
     Ah, Those Pre-Teens (Ages Eleven to Twelve)
     You Missed Trash Pickup Day?
     Speaking of Coming Home….
     A Note For Single Parents
     Taking The Family Along

Chapter Four - A Different Approach for Teens
     Adolescence First (Ages Thirteen to Fourteen)
     The Core Teenage Years (Ages Fifteen to Eighteen)
     Home Alone - If and When
     Remember Though, They're Not Adults Yet

Chapter Five - Hey Mom, My Arm Is In A Cast!
     Sooner or Later
     Thinking Ahead Won't Make It Happen

Chapter Six - Should I Be Traveling Anyway? - The Debate Continues
     Opinions and Studies Abound
     Balance Doesn't Always Mean Equal
     Warning Signs
     Emotional Does Not Equal Illogical

Chapter Seven - Isn't Technology Wonderful?
     Communications, Galore
     It Looked A Lot Easier on Television

Chapter Eight - You Flew Him Alone At Age Five?: Useful Information for Traveling and Children
     Airplane Travel and Children
     By Ground Instead

Chapter Nine - The Tables Are Turned
     Oh My, They're All Gone!
     Oh My, I Thought They Were Gone!

Chapter Ten - Stories From Around

Chapter Eleven - Summing It All Up

Handy Checklists
     Medical and Emergency Treatment Information
     The "Get-Around-To-It" List
     Flying a Minor Unaccompanied
     Should I Take The Family Along?
     What Did You Bring Me?
     Leaving a Teen Alone Overnight
The Empty Nest As A Place To Visit

Part Two - Sources and Resources

Background Facts and Studies
     Department of Defense (DOD) and the Military Services
     Voices That Spoke and Were Heard

Helpful Sites/Support Organizations
      Official Military Programs and Sites
     Unofficial - Plenty To Share
     The Business and Corporate World
     The National Long Distance Relationship Building Institute
     Parents Without Partners
     A Woman's Focus

Select Bibliography