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Shades of Gold

By Charlie Hudson

Shades of Gold by Charlie Hudson Order from Amazon Read Sample Chapter Order from Barnes & Nobel It’s a typical spring in the Florida Keys.  An old man takes his boat out at night looking for Indian spirits; a Prop Master for a film studio prepares for a location shoot; a troubled young man refusesto believe his wife no longer loves him.

The word is out that Hollywood is coming to Verde Key to capture local scenery, above and below water. Police Chief Taylor considers it to be an invasion and the mayor is counting the economic boost. Detective Bev Henderson is happy to hear that her friend, Chris Green, has been hired to give scuba lessons to the handsome lead actor. Chris has had her share of tragedy and becoming “scuba instructor to the stars” is a break she deserves. Chris’s business surges and she senses a growing attraction to Sean Jackson, an enigmatic man who is providing technical expertise for the movie’s underwater action. She is reminded of her flawed track record with men when Jarrett, her ex-convict estranged husband, shows up unexpectedly with a new wedding ring. His presence ignites a series of events that ends in an explosive confrontation with Bev and the Verde Key police.

Even as Kyle, her Assistant DA boyfriend, reminds her that she acted correctly, she’s disturbed by the sudden rash of violence in what is usually a quiet town.  “It’s just that we go for months with nothing and now we have dead bodies all over the place,” she tells him.

Is Kyle correct in saying, “Think of it as the cosmic equivalence of a hurricane,” or has she missed a clue along the way?

Plunge into Shades of Gold for another intriguing story featuring believable characters, quick dialogue, and enough twists to keep you guessing until the end of the book.