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Not Much Change of Seasons

One of the interesting aspects of people who relocate to Florida (especially South Florida) to escape harsh winters is they can come to realize they miss having distinct seasons. Okay, not necessarily ice storms and blizzards, but the crispness and colors of Fall or the blossoming of Spring.

There is something to be said on those October mornings/days as you step outside to see spectacular reds, golds, and oranges before trees shed their leaves. I also appreciated the scent of wood smoke floating through the air as fireplaces come back into use.

We do get some of that around the Panhandle, but by the time you make your way down the peninsula, what Fall brings tends to be are fewer mosquitos and changes in which flowers are blooming. Of special interest though are the migratory birds to swell the already enjoyable native avian population. On the agricultural side, unlike the theme of pumpkins in other parts of the country, farmers here start preparing for the “winter crops” of strawberries, tomatoes, and so forth.

Coming out of hurricane season for the Fall is happily welcomed even without any “natural sign” of the passage.

So, for those who do have Fall traditions, have a great time and of course, relaxing with a good book is always in season.

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