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Where Did June Go?

Shades of Deception by Charlie HudsonA friend asked the question the other day and we all knew the answer. Time does zip by because we all seem to have such busy lives. The “lazy days of summer” may not apply, but first, I do hope you find some leisure time over the next couple of months.

Next, of course, is the ever-present “summer reading list” and Shades of Deception has just been released. As always, the entire first chapter is posted for your enjoyment. Fans of Police Detective Bev Henderson and the characters of Verde Key have been patiently waiting as I have been off on other books. Even though the books are written in a stand-alone fashion, going back to Shades of Truth and Shades of Gold if you aren’t familiar with the series does give you more insight into the recurring relationships.

We tend to not travel in the summer because it’s a peak scuba season and Hubby is fully engaged with instructing people from novices who want to do the one-day Discover Scuba to advanced divers who want to add to their skills. It is also hurricane season, so we’ll happily take all positive thoughts for any hurricanes to go out somewhere in the very large Atlantic Ocean and just swirl around empty water without making landfall anywhere.

Have a nice summer in whatever form it takes.