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The Hot and Cold of Climates

No, I don’t mean in any sort of controversial way – merely in considering my experiences in both. Indeed, a few months ago we were talking with some friends who relocated from a fairly temperate environment to Idaho where they live on a decidedly beautiful piece of property. The winters, as you well know, are not temperate. Then again, as we discussed, nor are the summers of high heat combined with high humidity like we have in South Florida where it is not uncommon to be 80 degrees at 6:00 a.m. The question was posed of, how much different is it if you have to bundle up and stay inside from the cold, or stay inside with the air conditioner blasting?

I would point out that learning to drive on snowy, icy roads is different than coping with sudden, ferocious pop-up squalls that obscure the road. And having spent more time in a desert than I would have liked, I can also attest to the unsettling impact of dust storms that really can pick objects up, hurl them with force, block your vision as surely as a blizzard, torrential rain, or dense fog, and leave you with a coat of sand on everything. And speaking of fog, the few months I had in Monterey many years ago came with a number of eerie mornings/evenings when you did feel rather cut off from your surroundings until the fog lifted.

In thinking back to experiences, I had been in some cold places for winter, but nothing quite like my first time to be in Maine in December. I honestly never thought about something like having to clear snow from a roof because of the weight.

I must admit, using mostly warm-weather locales for my fiction does have a great deal to do with understanding those better. And of course, no matter what climate you live in, relaxing with a good book is always recommended.