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Seasonal visitors, both people and other, have made their way to South Florida.

It is the time of year when quite a few Canadian car tags are seen about and will be so through usually the end of March into perhaps early May. Notwithstanding the locals who grab for sweaters if the temperature temporarily drops below 70 degrees, we do understand those who are ready for a break from ice and snow. On the migratory bird side, I recently saw the larger kingfisher that joins our year-round ones during the winter months. I still have not increased my bird identification skills as much as I intended. Since Hubby has gotten more and more into photography, he does make frequent trips to the Everglades specifically for birds. Like me, he has been known to post a photo on Facebook asking for help in identification.

If someone is here for the balmier weather or in a place where a cozy fire is available, Small Town Quilting Treasures is at last ready. It is the fourth and final in the short-run series of Small Town Lies, Small Town Haven, and Small Town Quilting Blues. As with the others, the full first chapter is posted for your enjoyment.

If you are reading this and are new to the site, welcome, and a brief explanation of the series. These fall into the sub-genre of fiction referred to as “cozies”. The movie equivalent would be PG-13 and the television equivalent is something along the lines of the series, “Murder She Wrote”. There is almost always a theme – in this case quilting. I have enjoyed creating the fictional town of Wallington, Georgia and all the characters involved. While it isn’t absolutely necessary to read them in sequence, it does help in understanding some of the on-going relationships.

Even though my other mysteries do have a scuba theme, they fall outside the cozy definition because of the sex, violence, and language. I don’t do graphic, but they are realistic. I am working on a new Chris Green novel; she’s the underwater investigator as the main character in Deadly Doubloons, False Front, and Georgina’s Grief.

As always, do check my blog for more frequent postings.