Lots of Fireworks……

Quite frankly, this was a year with everything going on, I didn’t have the energy to try and put much together for Fourth of July. Hubby had to go shoot the event which meant arrive around 6:00 and stay until 9:30 and I simply didn’t want to spend that long at the event. Maybe next year. Or it’s like a three-mile walk so perhaps next year I’ll go with him, stay for an hour or so, and walk back before it gets dark. That would be kind of interesting. Anyway, we did have one of our neighbors over for lunch. Again, it’s been a hectic time so fundamentally, we went with grilled chicken (BBQ style), grilled corn on the cob, beans, Publix potato salad, cold slaw, and key lime pie, plus Marie Callendar frozen apple pie I baked. For appetizers I only did deli tray and little meatballs lightly sauced with BBQ sauce and those were also from frozen. I polished off a couple of leftovers for dinner and Hubby grabbed something at the event.

I have no idea how much the neighbors spent on fireworks, but it must have been quite a bit. I usually go out and mingle for a little while and even passed on that. Someone else behind us (perhaps in the adjoining neighborhood) also had lots of fireworks. A couple of times, there was the display out front and in back which made for a nice array. I had the Capital Fourth tuned in as well and cranked up the volume for the 15 or so minutes I watched that part. Hubby had skipped on pie after lunch so I stayed up later than usual and had my final drink of the night while he enjoyed his apple pie a la mode.

He had to go in for morning boat instead of getting to sleep late and I don’t remember what the rest of his schedule is for the weekend.

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