No Second Dive This Month….

Ah well, June won’t be a two times out on the water after all. It’s a combination of things with extra commitments and tricky weather. It is the rainy season and so we are getting frequent afternoon downpours; some of which are severe thunderstorms. Several days ago one was so bad the museum had significant water intrusion and disrupted operations. While most of what had to happen was taken care of by others, there was a lot of back-and-forth about what was going on and those things take time. There have also been some issues with scheduling different events and coordination that isn’t going as well as I had hoped. Nothing drastic, merely time-consuming.

On the writing front I am pushing to get the first draft of Shades of Remorse completed before my trip so I can maybe do some editing while traveling. Even though I will be relocating every day, I am likely to have some stretches of time in motel rooms, too. My process for writing is I leave gaps in the first go-round in order to get the main plot and subplots where they need to be. That puts me at what I refer to as the seventy percent mark. Filling in those gaps, working out any disconnects in sequencing, plot, or character behavior takes me to the eighty percent level and ready for what is called Beta Read. That’s bringing in a fresh pair of eyes. Some authors use multiple Betas, but I’m fortunate in having my wonderful Hubby. This is the only time I print the manuscript. I then read it aloud to him; a few chapters at a time. We do this during morning coffee and while prepping dinner instead of watching TV. After that go-round, I edit those changes in preparation of sending it to the professional editor. Speaking of which, I have to email the editor I use for these books to see if she is available. They travel a fair amount. I have two editors; one foe scuba-related books and one for everything else.

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