One of Those Silly Things…..

While I realize discussing  a hot tub as temperatures are now hitting the 90s may seem odd, there is a reason. When we had the hot tub and pool put in, I wasn’t aware the “how” of turning on the hot tub would be so complicated. I mean, you press a button, right? Actually, no. Valves have to be turned in a certain way first. Hubby can of course do it no problem. He’s explained it to me multiple times and even took a photo with the phone so I could see it. The problem is the valves look alike to me. One day I braved it and sure as the world did it wrong and basically drained some of the water out of the hot tub. Naturally, I haven’t tried it since.

It takes about an hour and a half to come up to temperature and so if Hubby doesn’t get home until after 6:30 – common if he has afternoon boat – that means no hot tub until around 8:30 which also means that’s probably the same time as something is on TV to watch. While we can record, and go relax in the hot tub instead, it’s been ages since we’ve done that. There is actually an issue with the hot tub that needs to be repaired. My plan is to talk to the experts to see if we can also retrofit a system to make it simple enough for me to handle. There might not be, or it might be prohibitively expensive. It is certainly worth asking the question though. I would love to be able to do this for myself.

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