More Snorkel Time……

Although I missed going out in May, by going really early in June, as on the 2d, I might be able to get back out the end of the month, too. And to actually dive. I was on the tail-end of a cold and didn’t think I would be able to clear properly, plus I was still having coughing fits. Conditions were only a little bouncy, so no problem with snorkeling and visibility was decent. On the first site I saw a medium size stingray early and while nothing else big, I did see French and gray angels, plus enough other fish to enjoy and all the coral was looking good. Despite some of the “cherry picking” of data going on to claim the water is hotter than normal, the reefs are still at 77-80 degrees. There are always “hot spots” in different places.

Anyway, on to the second site. I was surprised to not see my bright blue chromis on either dive, but did have a pair of file fish and lots of barracuda. In fact, in one spot there were like fifteen or so, all different sizes, hanging out together. I hadn’t see that in a long time. Quite a few chubs came through and there were plenty of sergeant majors. Parrotfish, of course, even if I didn’t get my favorite of the midnights. More angels and some blue-head wrasses. The divers found a really big green moray, but tucked underneath as usual, so not something I would be able to see. I was in the water for about thirty minutes each time. The wind was up a bit more than predicted until the last several minutes of the boat ride back. Unfortunately, it was bouncy enough for the one woman to get sick and three other individuals to feel queasy. I continue to be grateful to not suffer from that. I also find it puzzling people are willing to put up with it and go out on the boat. On the other hand, appropriate medications do help. In the case of the two friends, they agreed they should have taken a dose the night before as well as the day of.

Scrawled File Fish on Reef

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