Maybe Time for a Change…..

For those who follow the blog regularly, you know we’ve been through different phases with our back yard. When we first moved in, the intent was always to have the pool and hot tub take up most of the back yard. We kept the side and front yards intact, although they aren’t very large. Our thoughts were we could keep up – that has always included with our regular yard guys and occasional additional help. And yes, we have done a major refresh of the back twice and tinkered with other things at different points. At the moment, we have the three large traveler palms on the side behind the hot tub end of the pool. Also known as fan palms, they do spread out their fronds in a nice fan way. On the other hand, they drop those fronds fairly often or need to be trimmed and they constantly have shoots that take hold and need to be removed. We did have a fourth tree that sprang up removed and Hubby is considering if we should take all of them out.

I have to pay our guy this week and will put in a note to see if a) he can handle that big a job and b) if not, does he know someone who can take care of it. We also have one spot where we have been unsuccessful with growing anything and there might be an issue with the soil. That may turn into the place for a new fountain as the easiest solution. What I haven’t told Hubby is that I’m tired of the right-hand front bed, too. We’re tried different things; none of which I have been really happy with. Now, our hibiscus in another place in front are lovely and the purple whatever they are on the other side can stay as well. They get a little ragged, but are more manageable. Stayed tuned as we figure this out.

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