A Rapid Decline…..

Emotional content alert. A friend’s father passed away recently and as often happens, it brought to mind memories of other passings. As I mentioned in the posts about my father, his decline had been gradual – like “fading” – for a few years. In those final three weeks when the hospice nurse recommended come, there was a rally where my sister and I were able to be there and he was unaware of our real purpose in the “unexpected visit”.

Turning to my friend; she had relocated her father from his previous home as his second wife had passed away and despite his protests, he could no longer live alone. As often happens in families, she was the one who stepped up to make the arrangements and be his advocate in assisted care here. There was adjustment that wasn’t always smooth, but it did work out. She and her husband had a trip to Brazil (his home country) planned for this month and prior to leaving her father had a series of trips to the hospital. Despite many tests, there was no good diagnosis and he was better and seemed to be stable. She went on the trip and went to see her father as soon as they returned. He was still having issues with falling and a night attended was engaged as a precaution. Within only a few days, everything changed. Confusion, etc., and hospice was brought in. From that, it was very rapid although my friend was able to be with him and it was quite peaceful at the end. There is not a large family and because of his recent relocation, she will later take his ashes back to his previous location to be interred in the plot with his second wife.

We friends are of course here for her in whatever she needs.

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