And The Week Is Gone….

Well, not the whole week exactly; more like one week ago today, this was our last day at Disney. It’s been a whirl and the weekend is not as busy as some although I do have an 8:15 meeting in the morning. I am still in catch-up mode and am making progress. Monday and Tuesday will be tough; no way to know about the rest of the week yet.

Daughter-in-law did get an album done of Disney activities and those are the memories that will pop up periodically when Facebook does reminders. In fact, one showed on my feed today about nine years ago was when we did the remodel of the front rooms to include gutting the kitchen. That was quite the time for those who weren’t following the blog back then. Living through a remodel does take planning and accepting things as they come. The primary contractor and his team were great; the subs were good, and not too many things went wrong. The usual two-week delay occurred and I only “lost it” maybe once and that was in private. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart as the saying goes.

On an entirely different subject, I genuinely hope I can find a day to dive as I missed Feb and March. It is going to be difficult as we are in the closing two weeks before a major event we’re putting together; our third Art and Artisan Show for Homestead Center for the Arts. It is in a new location this year which comes with more complexity, but also greater visibility which should mean higher attendance. There’s only one way to find out as we continue to seek to make this a signature annual event. While we still need some more volunteers, the people who are stepping forward are doing great.

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