Disney Trip, Day 5………

Not surprisingly our last parks day was the same mostly ups with some discomfort downs due to heat and crowds. The wait times were better as we added in the extra cost for Thursday and Friday to access things more quickly. This required use of the mobile app, scheduling, and things I had to leave to daughter-in-law, son, and Hubby to work out. We did start with the classic “Pirates of the Caribbean” and there was a wonderful “Swiss Family Robinson Tree House” as a walk-through event. A couple of mild rides and preceded a quick lunch, then a visit with two princesses in Princess Hall. Another plan was interrupted as the heat and distance got to granddaughter and we diverted into the air-conditioned Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. It was cute. The desire for a tiara topped other ideas as the previously unknown desire was of course back where we had started with the puzzle of what granddaughter was talking about, and her not quite remembering where they were. It did get resolved with a lot more walking and looking. Along the way though was part of a show in front of the Castle with more characters to include more princesses and of music and dancing. Then there was the encounter with another princess for an autograph. With tiara kiosk located and chose made, we sent the kids off to have at least a little alone time. In making our way back to the resort, there wasn’t pool time because we had earlier dinner reservations.

This was back at Animal Kingdom to be at Tusker House in the African section and a Character dinner. Unknown to granddaughter, we had tried and been unable to book the one we wanted for her with princesses, and since we weren’t sure how this one would go, we didn’t say anything to her before. We arrived early enough to go through a couple of spots we’d missed Thursday. Dinner was a buffet with a huge selection, plenty of meats, potatoes, and vegetables with appropriate spices and naan plus other breads. There were some dishes available for the unadventurous and the dessert table did not disappoint. I didn’t go near it, but did take one small bite of a terrific brownie. The characters were the Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck and Goofy in their safari outfits. They each came to each table for hugs and photos. There was a group autographed card provided to each child rather than the kind of time it would take to do that at each table.

Oh, I forgot to explain. Princess dress had been the attire for the day – you see lots of those worn – and the tiara was added for dinner. This had replaced the previous days wearing of decorative mouse ears. By the way, I had no idea there were so many types of mouse ear headbands/hats that existed. We’re all going to breakfast soon, then it’s pack up and get the kids on the way to the airport as we hope for no issues on the turnpike..

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