Disney Trip Day 4…….

Extra long post. I want to take time to brag about son and daughter-in-law. For those who have never dealt with a child who is placed in uncomfortable physical situations or those who may have forgotten, children have to reach a certain age before they can manage extreme tiredness, aching body parts, etc. As I did mention, we were aware coming to Disney during Spring Break would be super crowded and there was the aspect of being at a resort where we have to to take transport to all the others. That means all mornings and certain other times there are lines and crowds on the SkyLink and busses. The point is granddaughter is prone to the whiney, “I want this to stop” natural for her age. The kids do a great job of managing that by taking certain precautions that do require a level of logistics and good parenting, and some accommodation. Yesterday was perhaps the best example. It was their day for a little “date time” as son had his “Build Your Own Light Saber” work shop. (I’m not kidding.) The intent was for all of us to be up early, go over and we would take granddaughter in one direction while they went the other. We had the late night Tues, so granddaughter didn’t want o get up that early. I had suspected that and told them not to worry. So, daughter-in-law set up necessities for the morning and as granddaughter was getting herself dressed, I took care of getting a little breakfast in her.

The delay, however, meant we missed the window of early park entrance which is one of the benefits of staying in a Disney Resort. It was also the day to go to one of the most popular parks. Long line for Skylink and when we arrived at the park, it was the only time we have encountered entry lines not managed as well as usual. We do get in to go to the “Toy Story” area and the only ride granddaughter wants to go on is the popular one with the wait already 90 minutes. She initially said that was too long, then as we walked to the end of the area, she changed her mind. We headed back and now the wait was 120 minutes. She decided it would be okay. Again, Disney does handle lines well, but it’s still a long wait and interesting dynamics are observed among others generally with the “we’re all in it together” attitude. One of the kids close by who had a bubble maker did provide a source of amusement. I think I’ve also mentioned it has been in the high 80s with yesterday at 89. So, the wait involved pacing out the cookies from the pack, sips of water, and the occasional “spritz”, plus chatting about all sorts of things. Granddaughter made it almost 1 hour and 45 minutes before the “I really am tired of waiting”, but at that point we were almost to the boarding part. Meanwhile, our first planned rendezvous with the kids had come and gone and we were resetting by text. The ride was a fairly mild roller coaster, but granddaughter’s first. Hubby got on with her as I took all our stuff and went to the exit. The kids showed up and we caught sight of Hubby and granddaughter in the first car as the ride made the last couple of swoops. It was a success, but had taken a bit of a toll. Oh, and son’s light saber really is cool. We backtracked to see more of the Star Wars area as he went in to make arrangement for having it shipped home.

This is were the kids took over and managed the next couple of hours through lunch and a special show before coming back for pool time. Daughter-in-law did sit that one out. So now, we approach the major event of going to the Magic Kingdom for fireworks and light show at the Castle. This requires a bus ride and setting the tone for the night with having to stand the 15ish minutes trip. Next came huge crowds and wait time until the 9:00 start. I won’t get into these details, but it meant standing for about an hour, jostling for position as more and more people arrived and son doing a masterful job between occasionally picking granddaughter up and finding a narrow spot to sit with her close by as we carefully saved a spot on the edge of the growing crowd. The display was spectacular and granddaughter exhibited all the delight that makes something like this worthwhile and a memory that will last her a lifetime.

Last two words on this. The management of the busses to get that crowd of people efficiently channeled into appropriate lines and number of busses available is “magic” of a different sort; something Hubby and I can especially appreciate as former logisticians. I was sure it would be at least 10:30 before we returned, but it was right at 10:00.

So, a little later start to the morning as we head to another of the very popular parks.

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